Follow our tracks, from our farm to your table!

Quality Guarantee

A traceability system has been implemented to identify the provenance of every product. For meats, in most cases, the traceability is lost after the slaughtering. To resolve this issue, Caring Farmers is innovative in being the first in Quebec to use BIOLINK technology. With BIOLINK, each individual product is packaged with a digitized serial number, therefore you are able to trace it back to the farm, no matter where they end-up. At Caring Farmers, we are constantly striving to improve each step of the production and reduce the impact of a potential recalls. We guaranty the source of your meat and eliminate potential product swaps.

Ferme Aux Saveurs des Monts – Chicken as nature intended. From Farm to Table!

Animal welfare

Small farms, big comfort

On family farms, we ensure that animals have always access to feed, fresh water and clean and comfortable rest areas. Animals are raised respecting their natural pace: no antibiotics, animal by-products or growth hormones are used. We offer lots of room to grow freely in an optimal environment.


Strong and resistant, bovines can support our Nordic climate and enjoy roaming freely in the pasture all year around. In the winter time, they gather to stay warm in a winterised protected area. Under the supervision of the farmer, newborns are left to the care of their mother until they are weaned.


Once they are weaned, piglets get to grow freely indoors. Everything is in place to ensure their comfort and the air quality inside the barns.


Just like hogs, chickens move around freely in well-equipped barns. They are protected from potential predators and frequent temperature fluctuations. To maintain comfort and a controlled environment, the barns are equipped with heating, ventilation and sprinkler systems. Numerous accesses to water and feed prevent hustle and competition between birds.


Raising animals is a great responsibility. The schedule is 24/7, nature decides on the weather so farmers are always ready to act quickly to new factors. They carry a pager that alerts them when changing conditions may affect the comfort of animals. The farms are located close to the slaughter facilities, therefore reducing the stress on animals during transportation.

The farms must respect salubrity and welfare audited programs Criterias such as air quality, raising density, numbers of feeders and drinkers according to the number of animals are verify to assure access to feed and ideal space