Passionate farmers!

Four family farmers in the Outaouais who believe in welfare of animals and health.

Ferme aux saveurs des monts

Ferme Aux Saveurs des Monts

For 15 years, this family farm has specialized in the production and processing of large chickens, commonly known as capons. They also raises turkeys and ducks. The name of the farm was inspired by the bucolic surroundings and hills of the Municipality of Val-des-Monts. Constantly positioning the business to meet the client needs, the owner Sylvain Bertrand raises 30, 000 chickens and 2000 turkeys per year, Compared to the 300,000 birds farm provincial average and reduce the risk of disease and prevent use of antibiotic.
As nature intended or processed with care and high quality ingredients, Saveurs des Monts strives to offers an affordable alternative to consumers who are looking for healthy and tasty chicken meat.

Jean-Pierre Lavergne, ferme porcine

Jean-Pierre Lavergne, hog farmer

The farm is in the Vallée de la Petite-Nation, in the Municipality of Chénéville, near by the famous Lac-Simon in Québec. Jean-Pierre, Sylvie his wife and Amélie their daughter manage one of the very few hog farm left in the Outaouais. To offer the best to their animals, the Lavergne Farm grows its own cereals to feed the hogs. The piglets are born on the farm and never leave. This raising model has the advantage of being a closed herd. This approach helps to reduce sources of stress and diseases in the herd. The Lavergne Farm follows the guidelines of the BEAMC program for animal welfare and is certified with les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec. As Amélie is gradually taking over with brilliant success, this family farm will last for a while.

Ferme Bayview FARM

Ferme Bayview FARM

Situated in Thurso along the Outaouais River, the Bayview farm raises 100 cows and their heifers. Gail and Stefan Steiner, originally from Switzerland, worked hard to attain the highest quality beef, with Red Angus origins. They have acquired an excellent reputation due to dilligent animal care they provide. The veals are born on the farm and are left to the good care of their mother, and roam freely in the pasture until they are weaned. The famous secret of Bayview: to obtain tasty and tender meat, the animals are feed some cereals to get the ideal marbling and the meat is hung to mature for 21 days.

Roger St-Cyr, le fermier

Roger St-Cyr, the farmer

After completing a brilliant career as an engineers and agrologist with the MAPAQ, he decided to pursue his father’s beef farm in the Municipality of Chapeau in the Pontiac. What an ambitious retirement project! Having developed quite an expertise with beef farmers through his career, and with the help of his Swiss partner Lucas Kaiser, Roger raises beef from birth to finish. His animals have unlimited access to fresh grass in the pasture.